SACA Executive Board

Apply for the 2023-2024 Executive Board!

Who are we?

SACA Executive Board Officers are current TXST Bobcats! We come from various backgrounds and experiences to bring outstanding, quality entertainment opportunities to campus.

The Executive Board is comprised of the following positions: President, Vice President/Promotions Coordinator, Event Coordinator(s), and Graphic Designer(s).

2022-2023 Executive Board


Position Currently Vacant

Event Coordinator

Simon Kinski
Simon Kinski


Headshot of the Vice President
Aili Ortega

Graphic Designer

Headshot for Graphic Designer, Hollie Hernandez
Hollie Hernandez

Event Coordinator

Head shot of the Event Coordinator, Gabrielle Gaubert
Gabrielle Gaubert

Primary Advisor

Coordinator for Campus Activites Monica Flores
Coordinator for Campus Activities Monica Flores

Event Coordinator

Headshot of the Event Coordinator, Candice Shields
Candice Shields

Graduate Advisor

Head shot for Graduate Assistant Emily Aubin
Emily Aubin